Great Finds: Charm Travel Pointed Foundation Brush and Angled Kabuki Brush

WHEN I WAS JUST STARTING TO LEARN MAKEUP I could not even afford to buy a decent set of good brushes. I knew that good makeup tools are necessary to achieve a professional finish, so I had to wait for a while before I could finally invest in good quality brushes.

Girls nowadays are so lucky, especially those who are interested in makeup, because they have affordable yet high-quality options, like the local brand Charm, which is constantly coming out with affordable and well-made makeup brushes. Plus, they also let you choose because they offer both natural haired and synthetic (vegan) brushes.

My latest finds are the recently-released travel pointed foundation brush (P399)  and the angled kabuki brush (P650).

I'll start with the travel pointed foundation brush. I pointed out before that this is like a mini version of the Becca bullet foundation brush. It's made of synthetic hair which tapers perfectly. I personally thought it was a bit small at first, but I found that it works just fine, reaching the sides of my nose and under my eyes. A great brush that could work with cream and liquid formulas. I even tried this with primer and it works great as well! It washes nicely, dries quickly  and doesn't shed. 

Next, my favorite brush--the Angled Kabuki Brush!

You can tell how full and dense this is from the pictures. It's also very, very soft! I love how it quickly and efficiently picks up powder and blends it evenly. It's fast and it just perfectly applies powder. I also used this with liquid foundation and even primer---it's a multi-tasker!

My brush sheds a bit, but I still love it to bits. I might get a back up!

Both products are so affordable and you can get them via Beauty and Minerals and also at select Crossings Department Stores. Check out their website for more details!


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