7 Days of Ineke: Derring-Do

For Day 4 of my 7  Days of Ineke I'll be reviewing letter D, or Derring-Do. Again it's another unusual name for a fragrance and I had to Google it to see what it meant (it's a Middle English phrase meaning "heroic daring" or simply "daring to do").  Not sure how that relates to the fragrance, which is described as a "fresh fougere," containing citrus, rain notes, magnolia, guiacwood, cedarwood, and musk.

I should have known about the "rain notes" being added to this fragrance, because this is my least favorite out of the deluxe sampler, because it smelled similar to  Lewis and Pearl colognes, Ice Water and Rain. Both variants are available in most drugstores and are very cheap. I actually liked Ice Water---it was my go-to cologne back in college, and Rain, well, reminded me of my ex boyfriend who always wore that fragrance before. In short it ought to conjure up happy memories but then, Derring Do just smells too familiar and I won't shell out $88 for a full bottle of this when I can just get the Lewis and Pearl Colognes.  


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