7 Days of Ineke: Chemical Bonding

Here's Day 3 of my Ineke fragrances review: Chemical Bonding.

This doesn't sound poetic to me, and it might have even conjure images of a chemical lab. But actually, it's sort of playing on the principles of human attraction. It's a fragrance combining a citrus opening with a powdery base. 

I must admit that I'm not a fan of citrus fragrances, probably because I grew wary of them because I've used them so much back in my college days... but the citrus in Chemical Bonding is not generic or offensive. It's a bit masculine, starts off with a strong burst of lemon and tea, and then softens up just a bit. I don't get any powdery drydown at all, it just sort of melds into the skin with a bit of vetiver and amber. Amber is a note that doesn't agree with my skin, but thankfully, it's toned down in this scent so it smells soft and a touch sweet. Again, a bit strong at the beginning but it dries down soft. It lasts for about 6 hours on me.

Not my favorite of the bunch, but pleasant enough to be worn in the office.


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