7 Days of Ineke: Balmy Days and Sundays

Today I will share my thoughts on  Ineke's second fragrance, Balmy Days and Sundays. Again, the very poetic name  probably sounds familiar... it was taken from the Carpenters' song, Rainy Days and Mondays, but I guess they made it more cheerful.

And cheerful it is. The description of the fragrance evokes lying on the grass, face up, and seeing flickers of light through leafy green branches of trees. Very nice, isn't it? Balmy Days and Sundays is a green scent, perfect for summer, very fresh and light with emphasis on the freesia and grass notes. the notes are quite blended so I don't detect rose or mimosa or anything floral, it's all green and fresh on me.  Overall, it is a carefree scent, starts a bit strong, but remains fresh and light all throughout the drydown. I think this is a unisex scent, sillage is moderate, and the lasting power is around 5 hours on me.


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