7 Days of Ineke: After My Own Heart

I will start my  7 Days of Ineke by reviewing their first fragrance, After My Own Heart. According to the website, it is a soliflore--- a fragrance replicating the scent of a single flower --- in this case, the lilac.

Let me say that I first fell in love with this fragrance long before I smelled it.  The name itself--how romantic! I imagined a fragrance that was after my own heart. 

I am familiar with the lilac scent with the colognes I've used in the past--- or probably some lilac air freshener I smelled before. But I've never actually smelled the flowers---no April spring here-- so I won't be raving about how close this fragrance is to the real thing. Lilac is sometimes associated with bathroom cleaners as well---so this fragrance would smell good (or bad) depending on how you associate this in your memory.

I don't associate lilacs with bathroom cleaners, so at first spritz, this smells very natural to me, like a garden full of blooming flowers with just a touch of citrus and greens---very fresh, crisp, like fresh dew drops on grass. Then, at the heart, lilac emerges, quite a strong floral, but it becomes powdery as it wears on. I couldn't stop smelling my wrist this time. The powdery lilac then gives its way to the base, which smells of light musks with a bit of soapy clean freshness thrown in. It smells clean, young, hopeful, and innocent. It is a light perfume, sillage is minimal, but the lasting power is good (around 6 hours on me). This is a beautiful lilac fragrance which reminds me of a nice walk in the park with spring flowers and freshly cut grass all around---that kind of scene which I only read in English novels.

Notes: Bergamot, Raspberry, Crisp Green Foliage, Lilac, Sandalwood, Heliotrope, Musk


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