Scentsibilities: Robert Piguet Fracas

I am no perfume expert, but I'm very much interested in scents. They conjure up memories and vivid flashbacks like no other. They're so powerful that they can influence my mood, make me feel happy, calm, melancholic or subdued. I'll try to review scents based on my personal experience of wearing them, what I feel and how they work on me. So read on. 

The moment I read that Fracas is the "big, heady, sexy white floral" and was worn by Marilyn Monroe (I always associated her with Chanel no. 5 but she actually wore this too) I wanted to immediately grab a bottle. Fracas is a classic perfume; it's been around since 1948 and was created by perfumer Germaine Cellier. But the thing is, I never considered white florals as sexy, probably because I live in a tropical country where white flowers bloom abundantly. I think the only white flower  I consider smelling "sexy" is the night-blooming jasmine (or dama de noche as it is called here, it's so heady and fragrant and it only blooms at night ofcourse, which probably adds to the sexy factor).

Now, Fracas is supposed to be about tuberose, and I've never smelled tuberose before, so it's probably the perfume I need to find out what's so "sexy" about that flower. Luckily there's a 20ml perfume available in Sephora; I couldn't wait to try it.

The moment I smelled it, I was surprised at how familiar the scent was---as if I've smelled it before way, way back.Then I remembered---this is a classic perfume and it was probably imitated by some local perfume company before and I've smelled that perfume imitation during my childhood days. That realization almost ruined the whole experience for me but I waited to see how the fragrance notes unfold on my skin.

Again, a familiar note---I smelled gardenia! My mom used to have a garden full of gardenias and I would sniff the flowers endlessly. So yes, Fracas does smell like gardenia to me, and even my mom thought so too. What I like about it is that it smells so natural. It's a joyous scent. It's not cloying or heady at all, no matter how much I apply. After a while, I did smell something creamy and lush---probably the tuberose, but only for a brief moment. After a while it smells like musks and a bit of woods, with a very persistent peach note on my skin. I'd have to smell other tuberose fragrances so I can't really compare. The only other tuberose fragrance I have right now is L'Artisan's Nuit de Tubereuse, which is very different from Fracas, as it's more earthy and rooty. I'd say it's also much sexier. 

Overall I'd liken Fracas to a nice summer scent. It's not too loud or heady on my skin---it's like I just naturally perfumed myself with white flowers in the garden. I haven't smelled a lot of tuberose perfumes to make a comparison, so this fragrance may need to be revisited again and again.


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