Thoughts on Lancome UV Expert GN Shield Triple Potency BB Complete SPF 50 PA+++

I try to stick to lightweight products during summer as the terrible heat makes me perspire a lot plus I don't want to deal with sticky and melting foundation! (although I have to say that my Chanel foundations do hold very well even in very hot weather!) Still, I look for lightweight products because I want something sheer in coverage now that I'm having good skin days (yay!). If you don't need coverage, then why put it on, right? So I  look for a product that will even out my complexion and make me look polished with minimal effort. 

With the popularity of BB Creams it seemed to be the most fitting choice for me. But honestly,  I'm not much of a fan  because although I do like the coverage, BB creams tend to go pinkish or ashy on me, as the shades mostly have this grayish-pink cast which does not really match my skin tone.  I think they would suit those with really fair complexions.I have trouble in finding a BB cream with the right yellow undertones. And because of their high SPF, they have this white cast upon application. I already use sunblock everyday so I don't need another layer of white look on my face!

Tinted moisturizers, on the other hand, are better in terms of shade options, but the problem is  they offer low SPF protection and they can be a bit greasy. 

Anyway I changed my mind when I took a trip at the Lancome counter and tested the Lancome UV Expert GN Shield  BB Complete SPF 50 PA+++ (or Lancome BB Complete for short!):

I've always wanted to try their UV Expert line but it was ridiculously expensive to me, as I'm loyal to Sunplay for sunblocks. However the BB complete line sounds promising as they have 2 shades, 01 which is a beige-pinkish shade (I stayed away from that) and 02 which has a warmer yellow undertone. I chose 02 of course!

Shade 01 brightens the face and adds radiance, while 02 evens out the skintone. 

It's a triple threat combo which promises to:

Protect - 12H of invisible UV protection with SPF 50  PA+++
Correct - Pore-refining, anti-spot ingredients creates visibly smoother and naturally radiant skin
Cover - Aura-inside technology  found in Teint Miracle fades fine lines, blemishes and dark spots

Aside from that, it also has Pollusafe complex and antioxidants that provide DNA protection from UV rays, pollution and free radicals.

Hmm. Sounds like a star product to me!

I can't vouch for the DNA protection but I'll just report on its visible effects.

I'd say that it's a cross between a tinted moisturizer and a BB cream. Color is more of a beige-yellow so it's a much better match for Asian skin. Texture is very light so it's moisturizing but is not greasy, unlike traditional BB creams which have thicker texture. It is also very easy to apply.

Protection. I don't usually rely on tinted moisturizers or BB creams for sun protection because you apply so little of the product to get the full benefit of their SPF, so I like to layer my usual sunblock first before I apply them. However I road-tested this and used it alone just to see if I would get darker or what. I'm very sensitive to the sun and without adequate sunblock, I'd get breakouts if I stay out in the sun for too long. However I'm happy to report that I didn't get breakouts while using Lancome BB complete as my regular sunblock. I stayed out in the sun for quite a while as I forgot my umbrella. So I guess this product does offer great sun protection. If you're swimming though, you can't count on the 12-hour protection---You need to reapply. 

Correction. This sure covers pores. I'm not sure if it fades spots over time but I have used it extensively and I did not darken at all despite  frequent sun exposure. My skin just looks better and naturally flawless. It just matches it perfectly. And I'm not allergic to the product. No breakouts at all and I'm wearing it right now.

Coverage. This offers light/sheer coverage. It won't cover spots or  dark pimple marks. If you have great skin this will enhance it. What I love about this is that it gives a very fresh, healthy glow. It makes the skin look youthful and it looks like I'm not wearing any makeup at all. And it brightens my skin beautifully, unlike regular BB creams which leave a whitish cast and makes me look one shade lighter overall. i don't really want to look white like my favorite Korean actresses----I want to look radiant in my own skintone. And this BB cream does that for me.

Other things you need to know.  It does not control oil, and  has a strong scent, much stronger than, say, L'Oreal UV Perfect. But it smells pleasant, and I don't mind fragrance in my beauty products. Compared to L'Oreal UV Perfect (which also has a tinted version), this one offers better coverage and is more oil-free, but still gives a glowy finish. If you want something more matte, then you may try Estee Lauder CyberWhite Extra Extensive BB Cream instead. 

I bought the 50 ml at P2695; I hear it's limited edition and the regular size is a 30ml tube. 

I'd say this is worth it despite the high price tag----It's a great BB cream for its shade match and light coverage. Absolutely perfect for summer!


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