Natasha Beauty Matte Perfect Pressed Powder

My skin has changed a lot since high school, which is probably expected because I'm getting older and stuff... I used to be super oily before but now my skin has become drier. i still have an oily T-zone though. My makeup preferences have also changed---while I used to favor matte, shine- free skin before, I'm now more partial to soft-focused, dewy makeup which looks a lot healthier and more supple.

However, with our crazy hot weather right now my oil glands started to get active again, particularly on my T-zone area. I love my Chanel loose powder but sometimes I need something more matte to keep my skin shine-free.

Natasha Beauty is a local brand endorsed by some popular celebrities here, they're originally known for shoes and apparel but they have expanded their business to include undergarments and of course, beauty products and makeup. They're super affordable and I've tried several of their products, particularly their skin tinted mattifier and lipsticks. They're true value for money!

I found another Natasha Beauty product which I dearly love and it is the Matte Perfect Pressed Powder:

The shade I use is sheer ecru, which fits light skintones. 

Coverage is sheer as it's a pressed powder, it's meant to be used for touch ups and/or as finishing powder after liquid foundation. I threw away the powder puff because it's practically useless and so thin---I just use a powder brush to apply this.


- gives a solid matte finish
-controls oil
-gives a sheer finish
-long lasting
-no breakouts or irritations
-compact and lightweight

It's also dirt cheap---I got this for about P189---for its price I'd say that it absolutely delivers well. I don't need to look for high end brands anymore! This does the job. 


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