Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum + Eye Cream

As I've always mentioned in this blog, I totally adore Shiseido's White Lucent Line because it targeted all my skin problems-- redness/sensitivity, acne, and dark spots. Sounds too good to be true but it did help calm my skin. I was quick to jump at the opportunity to get a sample of their Intensive Spot Targetting Serum and Eye Cream:

I love this stuff! I've been using it for three days only and I must say that the serum is so potent, it lightened up that single stubborn dark spot I have in my left cheek. I was skeptical about the eye cream but it did work as well and it minimized my dark circles. I'm actually using just sunblock/tinted moisturizer now and my skin looks glowing and hydrated. I guess I won't be switching skin care products any time soon!

Just to clarify, whitening products do not make the skin snow-white----it just aims to even out skin tone and make it look radiant, minimizing pigmentation, spots and other imperfections. It also exfoliates the skin. So despite the warmer climate here, whitening products help to heal damaged skin from sun exposure. It will not change skintone drastically.


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