Lush Treats

I've been busy, yes. So I'll make this post nice and quick.

I've decided to renew my love affair with Lush. It began years ago right after college. I fell in love with their soaps, creams and massage bars because they all smelled wonderful.

Then all of a sudden I entered this clean-soapy scents phase where I ditched all those essentials oils in favor of perfumes and soaps that smell clean and shower-fresh.b

I must say that I know better now and that I love scents---I'm not allergic to them and the more complex-smelling they are on my nose, the better. So I decided to drop by Lush and check out some of their goodies:

I bought Sultana of Soap and Honey Trap lip balm. Sultana is a creamy, fruity soap with apricot, currants, cranberries and oilbanum/bergamot essential oils. It smells divine. The creamy lather does a good job of moisturizing my skin. The apricots are also great for mild exfoliation. After I rinse off, my skin feels soft, and the scent lingers on. Definitely the best soap I've tried from Lush so far!

Honey Trap lip balm smells like honey and white chocolate to me. It has peppermint so it has a bit of a tingle to the lips. I love how thick and creamy it is and it just keeps my lips so moisturized. It also healed my dry chapped lips in a jiffy. It stays on longer than the One Naturales lip balm, but they have the same healing properties. My only gripe is that it comes in a tin also and it does not have spf, but for a therapeutic lip balm, it's all good.


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