Quick Review: Lancome Eau Micellaire Douceur

The weather is still unpredictable and for colder days my skin still suffers from dryness and slight redness that's why I'm switching to milder cleansers and thicker moisturizers. My staple cleansing oil is still doing its job, however I need something milder and more of an in-between cleanser for days when I need to remove my makeup without the need for rinsing or washing my face again and again, which makes my skin prone to redness and dryness.

I decided to try the Lancome Eau Micellaire Douceur or the Express Cleansing Water for Eyes, Face and Lips:

It soothes, refreshes, and cleanses my face in one easy step! It effectively removes makeup in a couple of swipes--however I need to use more if I want to remove waterproof makeup. It's super handy when I'm in a rush or as I've said, an in-between cleanser when I want to change my makeup look in a jiffy. No need to run to the sink to rinse! It leaves my skin clean, dewy and fresh. It also has anti-oxidant properties and I feel it does work because it hydrates my skin with no trace of redness or irritation. I've always thought that cleansing oils are the best makeup removers out there but I changed my mind once I tried this micelle solution because it's mild and it's a much quicker step for cleansing my face.


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