Brush Review: Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman

I'm probably late to rave about this, but I'm a late-bloomer when it comes to subscribing to YouTube Channels. Sure, I watch them from time to time but I never really paid much attention... I knew that the Pixiwoo sisters were popular and all but I wasn't updated with their channel until curiosity got the best of me and I decided to watch one of their videos.

And really, I asked myself afterwards why I haven't watched them before! They're both beautiful and talented makeup artists---plus their videos are very informative. After watching their tutorials, my eye makeup improved immensely. I felt like I never knew how to properly blend eyeshadows until I watched their videos, plus my overall look improved, because I now know how to enhance my eyes (because they tend to droop).

Anyway, being such a huge fan of Sam and Nic, ofcourse I had to try Sam's brush line, Real Techniques. Unfortunately it isn't directly available here in the Philippines so I had to scour a couple of online sellers. I ordered mine from carefreeshopper.

Real techniques brushes are pretty straightforward: They're cruelty-free brushes made of synthetic, ultra-plush taklon bristles that are hand-cut to give that pixel-perfect look even in harsh light. Sounds super promising, but I was managing my expectations because I'm not an all out fan of synthetic brushes and I still use my animal-haired brushes. I've nothing to complain about really because they perform so well. But i just had to try these just to see how they compare with other brands, like Charm or Ecotools. Plus they're quite affordable, so no harm there!

I ordered the core collection set  and the blush brush   (which is always out of stock, according to the seller) priced at Php1150 and Php695, respectively.

All the brushes are color-coded for convenience, with the brush names printed on the handles. The ferrules are long and the handles at the bottom are rubberized. Since they're made from taklon, they can be used for creams, liquids or powders, so it's just a matter of preference on how anyone wants to use them.  Individual brushes can stand on their own, while the brush sets have their own protable carry-on case which also serve as a brush holder/stand. Clever, aren't they?

Here is the brush holder from the core collection set. I added the blush brush in because there are two extra compartments for extra brushes.

Here it is closed:

It's not bulky at all!

On with the brushes, I'll start with the core collection first:

This is the contour brush, which is small rounded and just slightly tapered. It works fine as a contour brush but I like to use this for highlighters. Its size fits my cheekbone perfectly.

The pointed foundation brush (not in pic) is a thin, small and tapered brush. I use it mainly for concealer application under my eyes.

The buffing brush is probably the best brush out of the set. It doesn't look very special, not very dense either unlike other buffing brushes out there, but it buffs and blends foundation like a dream. It's great for both liquids and powders. I love applying my Pro Lumiere with this brush. If you like to buff foundation all over your face then definitely get this one. I'd seriously buy a backup of the set just for this brush, because it's the best buffing brush I've tried.

And the detailer brush here is a small flat brush, perfect for spot concealing, and also for detailed lip color application. Another versatile brush.

Another favorite of mine is the blush brush! It is a dense, full brush with a tapered head. I've never had a tapered brush before and this is the first time I got my hands on this brush. It reminds me of a Yachiyo brush. Despite its size, it deposits blush beautifully and I use this on all kinds of blushes, especially pigmented ones. The tapered head is great for blush application, and also for subtle contouring. I use just the tip of the brush to apply my contour color. Plus it's super super soft! It can also stand on its ownand I love it for that.

Real techniques is a value for money brush collection, really! They're very versatile, and neatly packaged. The brushes are of high quality, no shedding at all, plus the ferrules durable and the hairs are tightly packed. They're low-maintenance as well, they wash easily and dry quickly, and I pretty much use even plain ol' dishwashing liquid with these brushes because they're synthetic. I hope the paints on the handles don't chip in the long run though. (It hasn't happened yet, don't worry!) I'm gonna buy more of these for sure!


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