Something for Dry Skin - Physiogel AI Cream

I grew up with oily skin so it's kind of hard to get used to the fact that my skin has changed since my teen years. Now I'm more on the combination side, but my skin can get really dry because I'm working in an air conditioned room everyday. Also, the cooler weather made me realize that I need a heavier moisturizer in the evening because my regular moisturizer just won't do. Dry skin is not very good because aside from dry patches, it is also irritated easily so it also causes redness and even acne because it causes combination skin to produce more oil to compensate for the lack of moisture. So I stumbled upon the Physiogel AI cream (P770):

AI means anti-irritant. It is formulated to nourish dry skin and regenerate the skin's protective barrier. Two main points why I bought it: it contains PEA that helps protect skin from free radicals and a natural lipids base that is a component of normal healthy skin. It is very creamy but it spreads easily and absorbs well. Not tacky at all.

I use this on my face and it never felt greasy. It is a very good moisturizer. Also, the ingredients are skin-friendly so I don't have to worry about breakouts. Using this regularly reduced the redness from my face and made my skin dewy. It also helped to blend my makeup better and I don't get those annoying dry patches anymore. It can also be used on the body so it's really a multitasker. I love the fact that it protects from free radicals too. Other products for dry skin: Shiseido white Lucent line ( I use the balancing softener enriched, and the brightening protective cream) plus a micellar solution as makeup remover (watch out for that!)


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