Nyx Eyeshadow Base

I recently ran out of my Etude House Primer so I decided to try out other products out there and I stumbled upon this Nyx Eyeshadow Base. This is my first Nyx product and I was very much eager to try this one out.

Price is quite affordable (I got mine for around 210 pesos only) and the shade I chose is skintone, which is a peach-based shade that brightens up my eyes. The texture is creamy and thick, like a cream-based concealer, and the smell reminded me of VOV professional cream foundation.

As a base, it makes eyeshadows more vibrant. I tested it out here for comparison. On the left it's just plain bronze eyeshadow, while on the right I put the Nyx eyeshadow base first.

left - eyeshadow only, right-- with nyx eyeshadow base

I also tried rubbing it off and the one on the left scattered faster compared to the one with the eyeshadow base.

It's quite a different story when I applied the product on my lids. I have oily lids and find that this does not make my eyeshadows last. I looked at the ingredients and it does have mineral oil in it. Some people argue that this is a base, not an eye primer, so its main function is to make eye color stand out or achieve various effects (it also comes in white and pearl).  An eye primer meanwhile, helps eyeshadows last throughout the day and it also smooths out the lids for  crease-proof eye makeup. 

For non-oily eye lids this could work, and it does make eyeshadows pop, but oily lids may find that this would not help in making eyeshadows last.


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