Shelf Life of your Beauty Products

Ever wondered how long you can keep storing or using your makeup or skincare products? Countless articles have been made that tackle different expiration dates for beauty products. For example, we all know that most shampoos or shower gels do expire after 3 years unopened--- that's the industry standard. Same goes for unopened makeup items like eye shadow. But what about if it's opened already?

Once opened, the shelf life of a product can decrease by as much as 50 percent because it is already exposed to bacteria, especially when it's constantly used. So how do you know the shelf life of a product that's opened?

Look for the "period after opening" label:

Foundations or skincare products usually last for 9-12 months after opening:

But some products can only last up to 6 months once opened:

Mascara has an even shorter shelf life once opened, about 2-3 months and you have to replace it.

So, it does not follow that you can keep that eyeshadow or sunscreen for as long as indicated in the expiration date, because once opened, the shelf life of the product is definitely shortened, so you have to use it accordingly.

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