Red for the Holidays

They say that every woman should own (or wear) red lipstick. It's the easiest and most effortless way to look polished and sophisticated. It's a bold color so you won't need much---flawless skin, bare eyes, lush lashes, slightly flushed cheeks. You can practically skip almost all your makeup routine with just one red lipstick.  But honestly, I'm not a fan of wearing red on my lips, because     1. My lips are pretty pigmented already, and 2. I have this notion that red makes me look old. So I stick to pinks or nudes instead --- my favorite lipsticks have  peachy-pinky or nude-tones: MAC Blankety, Chanel Rouge Coco Chintz, Chanel Rouge Allure Confidentielle, Shiseido PK 347. 

But then, I realized that I'm certainly old enough to wear red, and that maybe it was the color itself that was the problem. I haven't found a red lipstick that will flatter or complement my complexion. Add that to the flurry of beauty bloggers and makeup addicts who cried out when the news broke out that Chanel will be discontinue their Rouge Allure Laque, particularly, Dragon.

Ofcourse, I had to ask "what's the fuss all about?" and then I remembered that I was searching for the perfect red, and that if Chanel discontinues it, then I won't be able to try to see how I would look in this shade. That made me rush to the nearest Chanel counter to buy it. I was even puzzled when the SA told me that they had stocks and that it wasn't being discontinued at all. But anyway, if it's still going to be available, then well and good! Because...

It's the perfect holiday red----show-stopping, bold, gorgeous, simply beautiful.

Perfect Color: it is a bit blue-based, so it makes my teeth whiter. It is really redder than blood! And it gives me that mestiza look that's absolutely effortless.

Perfect finish: goes on liquid, but dries into a nice opaque finish without losing the micro shimmer. Lovely!

Perfect wear: Goes on and stays on for hours (my initial test lasted around 5-6 hours or wear, even with eating and drinking) and it leaves a nice red stain on the lips all throughout the day!

It's too bad that it won't be around for long, but thank you Chanel for letting me wear this beautiful color.


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