Beauty Blender Review

If there's one brush I heavily invested on, it would be the foundation brush. I own a couple of them, and I experimented with each brush for coverage and ease of application, and I'm pretty happy with them all---I try to alternate each of them depending on the level of coverage I want to achieve. So, when the Beauty Blender came out, I asked myself several times if I still need to try another foundation applicator, as I'm not a big fan of sponges. It took me a while to give in to the hype. In the end , curiosity got the best of me and I ordered my very own Beauty Blender from La Petite Confiserie:

The Beauty Blender is an egg-shaped, pink makeup sponge designed to give that perfect airbrushed finish for a flawless complexion. But  does it really live up to the hype?

My kit comes with one hot pink sponge plus a sample of their Blender Cleanser. It also has a "pedestal" which can be used for storage or for drying out the Beauty Blender after usage.

It is pretty small but it expands to twice its size when wet.

According to their website, Beauty Blender performs best when used damp. The bouncing or stippling action blends and deposits makeup at the same time, allowing for a smooth finish. I never had a problem with the bouncing motion as it's pretty much the same compared with the stippling action using my MAC 187.

I personally like its shape. I use the bottom part to apply foundation all over the face, and I use the tip for hard to reach areas, such as the sides of my nose or under the eyes. I also use to "twist and stipple" on blemished areas.

The sponge is also very soft, so bouncing it all over is such a breeze! I can apply my makeup easily and it's already blended out for me. 

Overall, the Beauty Blender gives me light to medium coverage. It does give out a flawless finish. Compared to brushes, I think this blends the foundation more into the skin. I find that it performs best with creamier or thicker foundations. Most of them offer fuller coverage, so the Beauty Blender can help to blend them more or sheer them out. I use Beauty Blender if I want a lighter finish for my foundations. But if I want more coverage, I will reach for my foundation brushes, as they can give heavier coverage even with just a small amount of foundation, no matter how runny they are. 

Another thing, I find that I also use the Beauty Blender more especially now that the weather is colder, as the bouncing motion does not cause my skin to micro-exfoliate, unlike foundation brushes. Using the Beauty Blender helped minimize the dry patches on my face. 

Here is my Beauty Blender after several usage:

It's still spotless, even if I used and washed this several times already. I did not have any problems taking the foundation stains out. I use Dr. Bronner's Liquid Castille Soap to clean it and the stains come off easily. Ofcourse, it bleeds pink dye when washed but it's not really a problem. I haven't tried the Blender Cleanser sample pack yet because I'm satisfied with my Castille Soap.

I would say it's well worth the price (P1,175) as it is re-usable and it blends makeup well. I cannot comment on its life span though, as I have yet to see how long will I be able to use it.. Hopefully it's going to last long. And if it does break down, I would gladly re-purchase this as it is a welcome addition to my makeup kit. 

It does not replace all my foundation brushes, but it is a great tool for blending makeup especially when I want sheer to medium coverage


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