Revisiting Olay Total Effects

I recently turned 28 and I have been using anti-aging products on and off, incorporating them into my skincare regimen some days, and totally forgetting about them on other days. It depends on my mood. Maybe it's because I'm quite faithful to my brightening regimen courtesy of Shiseido White Lucent Line, which transformed my skin in a matter of weeks, so I don't feel the need for any other anti aging treatments. Then, Kris Aquino's advertisement suddenly pops into my head after watching her commercial on TV: "..the whitening cream you're using now might not be enough." It can be true to some extent, especially when talking about the eye area, which is more prone to fine lines/wrinkles. But then, there are whitening lines out there that do offer under eye creams that say, target dark circles and fine lines at the same time... There are also lines such as the Lancome Blanc Expert which offers the Age Fight Serum which is a whitening/wrinkle fighting serum in one. Whitening and anti-aging is being combined in products, especially in high-end ones.. Unfortunately, they are so expensive that only a few can afford them.

Enter Olay Total Effects:

I am not new to the brand. I was one of those people who bought this immediately after seeing its ad proclaiming it is a 7-in-1 product that targets multiple skin concerns (dryness, fine lines, dullness, dark spots, pores, roughness and uneven skin tone) When I first tried it, it felt greasy and my skin took time to absorb the formula. It did help minimize pores, and it did make my skin firmer especially around the eyes. But I did not notice any whitening at all. It also broke me out. Plus the fact that it was so greasy that I never purchased it again after finishing my entire bottle. (Olay has a variant for oily and  acne-prone skin, which contains salicylic acid, but I never tried that for some reason).

After 2 or 3 years, I felt like I wanted to re-acquaint myself with Olay again, especially when they first came out with mini bottles (around 30 ml?) The formula was changed a bit, because I had the same skin type (oily and acne prone) but the consistency of the product is lighter and more easily absorbed. Again, no dramatic effects here, but after continued use it does help minimize fine lines and moisturizes really well.

Now, after realizing that I am indeed older (haha), I decided to try it out again. My skin type has changed considerably, and I have now dry patches on the sides of my face and my skin isn't as oily as it was before. I figured I might be more suited to its formula.

As expected, some re-formulation has taken place and the consistency is now a rich cream but it isn't oily or greasy. It is absorbed well and my face felt soft and moisturized all day. It also minimizes the look of pores. What I love about Total Effects now is that it gives me a glow. Plus my skin isn't dehydrated anymore, even when I'm working in an  air conditioned room for up to 8 hours everyday. It also works as an excellent primer before makeup. It helps makeup glide on more smoothly.

I'm happy to incorporate Olay Total Effects into my skincare regimen again. I use it day or night (it is a great night cream) in hopes of keeping my skin young-looking. It will surely take time to see the results, but I'm quite happy with it for now.

Olay Total Effects is available at all leading department stores.


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