Paul & Joe Protective Powder Compact Foundation

I rushed to the Paul &Joe Counter to claim my makeover GCs one Saturday morning and guess what, they were having a sale on selected items! I decided to buy their famous Protective Compact Powder Foundation because it's been raved about online and I was curious to see what the fuss is about. (nevermind if I had a ton of other powder foundations at home! ;p)

I like using powder foundations because it takes up much less time plus it gives me oil control.

The compact is so girly and pretty. :)

The shade I was matched to was no. 10 (Ivory). I think this is their second-to-the-lightest shade. I am acidic and my skin is now one shade lighter because of Shiseido'd White Lucent Line so I'm having trouble finding the perfect light shade. No. 10, though, is the perfect match for me right now.

The powder is so finely milled and soft. It has SPF 20. I have not tried the Protective Dual Powder Foundation but this compact is supposed to be the upgraded version of that powder, with better adherence to skin, more oil control, and more protective against dryness.

with flash:

What I like about it:

- It is concentrated. A little goes a long way. I tried using it in every way I could (brush, sponge, wet or dry) but my favorite is using a powder brush (like the sigma f80 or ecotools bamboo bronzer brush). I don't have to swirl the brush into the powder, I just dip it lightly. One layer is all I need to cover pores, redness, spots and even minor blemishes.

-the finish. This can give a buildable, medium-to-full coverage, but it looks so natural. It's not like those matte, heavy and cakey finish of other powder foundations out there. Compared to Majolica Majorca's Skin Remaker Pore Cover, this looks more sheer. Also, when used dry it goes powdery matte, but once it settles, it gives a nice semi-matte finish with a nice glow. I nalso tried using it wet and it works just as well, a glowy, natural-looking, flawless coverage.

-it is non-irritating. Thankfully I did not break out while using this foundation. I use it everyday and my skin is fine with its formula.

-the lasting power. This powder lasts 8 hours or more on me, until I take it off. I have to blot after a few hours or so, but then it pretty much stays in place the whole day. Also, it does not oxidize on me. It just gives a nice, glowy finish from day till night.

 I remember I wore this during a stressful commute----there was a huge storm and I was forced to go home because work was suspended. Unfortunately the winds and strong rain soaked up my jacket. my hair and my face! I came home wet as a soggy noodle, but the P&J foundation stayed put. Talk about lasting power!

-it adjusts! - because of its sheer, natural-looking coverage, I can use this powder foundation for both good and bad skin days. Right now I'm on my good skin days, and I don;t have a lot to cover, but I don't have to switch to foundations with sheerer coverage because this does not look or feel heavy on me at all. I also tried this on my breakout days and it stays flawless and natural-looking no matter how much powder I put on.

-it is non-drying. Being in an airconditioned office space leaves my skin dry and patchy, but this does not dry me at all. And I don't even use primer underneath.

What I don't like about it:

-limited number of shades.  I was initially matched to 30 Clear, but it was too dark. 20 could have been a great match too but it was pinkish. It would be great if they could expand their shade selections.
-contains mineral oil. I'm not saying that mineral oil is bad for the skin, but for those people who are very oily and acne-prone, or for those sensitive to mineral oil, you might want to use this with caution because it can trigger breakouts.

So far, I've been using this everyday and it's a staple in my kikay kit! I love the soft natural look of this foundation, the great shade match, and the lasting power. I actually find the price reasonable (Php 1500 for refills, Php2350 for the powder and compact) considering the quality of the product, and the fact that I don't have to use that much, so it's more economical. I love this powder foundation from Paul & Joe and seriously, it's becoming HG material! :)

Paul & Joe is available in Rustan's Makati.


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