Thoughts: Alice Blue

I love scents. They either enhance my mood or bring back memories. They can also be very comforting. Aside from perfumes, I'm also addicted to home scents. Who doesn't love a pleasantly-fragranced room? Room scents relax the mind and body and put the perfect ambiance to any home.

Our house was recently renovated and I was looking for a great home scent. I was eyeing a lot of high-end scented candles out there but unfortunately they were too expensive and I didn't want to go to Makati or Shangrila just to buy one. luckily I came across this local brand, Alice Blue! They've been around for quite some time---around 2005, I think. I checked out their kiosk at Trinoma and I was amazed with the variety of scents that they offer. They specialize in scented candles that are made of soy wax and cotton wicks so they provide a very clean burn. No nasty smoke marks!

I got myself their very popular scent, Mediterranean fig. I decided to try out the matching room spray because I still wasn't too sure of its lasting power:

It turned out, their scented candles are very potent. I could light one and the beautiful aroma just wafts out of the room. It's also very long-lasting.When I put it out, the scent lingers everywhere until the next day and I didn't even need to use the room spray! I did try out their room spray on a separate occasion. it is just as potent as the candle and the scent just lasts and lasts. Both products are also very affordable.The scented candles cost P499, while the room sprays retail for P229.

Mediterranean Fig just smells so comforting! It is a fruity mixture of fig, green apple, strawberry and melon. Other recommended scents are Chinoiserie (a citrusy, woody, & floral scent reminiscent of the elegant gardens of old Shanghai), Rose Bush(Dainty pink roses wrapped around soft woods with hints of spice, geranium, cedarwood, sandalwood and musk), Sandalwood (sandalwood with jasmine and cedar) and Pumpkin Souffle (fresh pumpkin, with notes of butter, sugar and grated spices of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg).

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