Thoughts on Gatsby Powdered Oil Clear Paper

Although my skin is not as oily as it used to be (I have dry patches now due to constant exposure to airconditioning so I slather on more moisturizing products), my shiny t-zone is still a problem that's why blotting papers are still a must for me. I'm pretty loyal to my usual brands (Clean & Clear, Kleenex) but I decided to try Gatsby because I'm always seeing them on department store shelves but I never bought them. And I have no idea why, probably because I have this notion that Gatsby is just for guys (haha), which isn't an issue for me because I have purchased quite a few products from men's line (and I even wear masculine perfumes) so now I went ahead and purchased this:

The Gatsby Powdered Oil Clear Paper (Php 99 at Watson's)  removes facial oil and leaves a matte powder finish on the skin. The matte black paper absorbs the oil and the powder keeps skin looking fresh, taking away that oily and sweaty look.

One pack has 70 sheets and instructions said that you have to blot with the folded side (which contains powder). Personally, I like the fact that it is bigger than the usual oil-control blotting papers. It is also durable despite being paper-thin. It does absorb the oil and leaves a nice semi-matte finish without disrupting my makeup. One sheet is enough to cover the entire face.

pardon the oil. :p

My only gripe is that the flap did not close properly anymore after repeated usage, so I had to put on masking tape to secure it. But overall this is a great blotting paper and it sure does the job.  I'm keeping this on my kikay kit. I'm not sure if it would work just the same for people with very oily skin because it's paper-thin, but it sure worked with my oily t-zone. I also find the powder finish convenient because I don't have to retouch with my pressed powder anymore. This is a great product and I will re-purchase this.


  1. I have very oily skin and these papers are my best friend!! They work brilliantly. Highly recommend!

  2. I'm glad you love it too! I'd say it works much better for me than oil control film, because this one has powder. :)

  3. Does airconditioning has this effect of making the face oilier? I'm staying in an airconditioned room and I wonder why my face still gets oily. I thought it's just because of the products i'm using. I hope that they make it smaller since i just waste some of the spaces and just add another extra sheets.

    It's cheaper than the other blotting sheets right? and its even has 70 sheets.

    ~" A Probinsiyana's blog "~


    1. Hi Teri,

      Thanks for reading! That can happen, airconditioning makes the skin drier than usual, so those with oily skins may compensate for the lack of moisture by producing more oil. Perhaps you can add more hydrating products to your regimen and see if it helps. There are lots of products out there that are meant for oily skins.


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