Review: Sunplay SPF 47 Powdery White and Purederm Magic BB Cream

DUE TO MY "re-vamped" regimen I am going out foundation-free for the past couple of weeks. My simple makeup routine currently consist of this sunblock and a smidgen of BB cream. Read on to see my review:

I'm a sunblock whore because it's still too hot outside plus I feel naked without sun protection. I had a bout of redness and acne a month ago which left my skin feeling sore. My staple sunblock, Sunplay SPF 130, did not work for me because it contains alcohol which my my irritated skin more sensitive. So I scoured for a milder alternative and I found it. My current favorite sunblock is Sunplay Powdery White SPF 47 PA+++:

As mentioned in the label, it is a sunblock with whitening properties so it's actually double duty. It also has vitamins C and E for skin regeneration and protection from free radicals. It does not contain alcohol unlike other Sunplay formulations, plus it is also non-comedogenic.

The texture is the same watery formulation but it has a milder scent, baby oil:

It goes on very fluid then dires to a semi-matte, powdery finish which I really like. It's not too powdery though and still moisturizing on my combination skin. It also absorbs easily.

It does leave a white cast but goes away after a few minutes. It just leaves the skintone brighter. I find that it also blurs my pores and other minor imperfections. It also calmed down my skin and I used this throughout my bad skin days, until it healed.

I use about 1/4 teaspoon of sunblock for my face, and another 1/4 teaspoon for my neck. It's also cheap, as with other Sunplay sunblocks, it's only P349.75.

Next, I'm currently using Purederm Magic 3-in-1 BB cream:

First of all, I like this because it's yellow-toned. Not grayish, not pinkish, but yellow and perfect for light-skinned Asians.

It does leave a white cast though so I'm pretty careful with my application.

I cannot vouch for its skin conditioning claims but based from its ingredients, it does have a cocktail of vitamins and herbs that are beneficial for the skin.

I like this BB cream because it is non-greasy and easy to blend. It can emphasize dry patches so I moisturize well before putting this on. And I also need just a tiny, tiny amount for my whole face, and I just pat and blend. I'll look pasty white if I put on too much, probably because I'm using sunblock underneath which also has whitening properties. It does have SPF 30 but it's not enough for everyday use, even indoors, and I doubt if the SPF does work because I only need a small amount.  But still it does a great job of covering pores and minor imperfections, even darker spots. It may not be suited to dry-skinned gals or for tanned girls, because it's light and leaves a whitish cast. However, when properly blended, the white cast goes away and matches my skintone.

 Watson's is  having a sale right now with this variant, I got this for only P449.75 and it's ongoing until August 24.


  1. I have the Sunplay Watery Cool one and I love it ^_^. I was thinking of getting that one first because of the cute packaging but i end up choosing the one with higher SPF :) Check out my review here:

    1. Hi! Thanks for the link, I like the texture of Sunplay Watery Cool too, hope to purchase it next when my sunblock runs out :)


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