Rave: Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Oil

Can I just rave about this wonderful beauty find here? Straight from Watson's:

I'm a big fan of cleansing oils ever since I discovered Fasio and Shu Uemura. Fasio is a more affrordable brand copmared to Shu, I tried it and I was amazed with its cleansing capabilities. Cleansing oils take out the heaviest makeup, dirt and other impurities from the face and I just feels so clean and refreshed after I use a cleansing oil. Ofcourse, I need to follow up with a facial wash to take out the greasiness and remove the product completely. I'm left with squeaky clean skin, which means less oil and breakouts and other skin issues.

Fasio is no longer sold here I believe, so I'm left with high-end brands, like Shu. Even middle-priced Korean brands like Face Shop and Etude House offer their cleansing oils at around 600-900 pesos. It's still pretty expensive. Fasio was sold then at around 400 pesos. So I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this cleansing oil from Pure Beauty!

For just 230 pesos (I think it's on sale, original price is 289) I get a good cleansing oil which has a nice rich consistency, perfect for removing heavy makeup and waterproof sunblock. I apply this with dry hands and massage it all over my face. Then I splash on a bit of water to let the oil emulsify. This one emulsifies pretty well and turns milky-white. And then I rinse it all off. I was surprised with its non-greasy texture because it rinses off so easily. I was tempted not to use a follow up cleanser, it's THAT good. But just to be sure, I still used my regular facial wash to remove everything out. I was left with really clean skin.

I was very impressed with this one because it totally removed my eye makeup including the Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus Mascara (which is so darn hard to remove!) I don't want to bother with a separate eye makeup remover at night so I'm glad with this one-step ritual. Other cleansing oils have a thinner texture/consistency that don't remove waterproof makeup quite well, especially mascara and eyeliner. But this one does, so I'm happy with it. And it's super affordable.

Girls with dry skin can probably skip their facial wash after using this but I still prefer to follow up with my usual cleanser as this one still contains mineral oil along with other herbal essential oils. I'm okay with the ingredients and it works just as well as other high-end brands.

This is yet another great product from Watson's! I'm absolutely loving these new beauty finds that are now accessible to everyone. :)


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