Quick review: Kojie San SPF 50 sunblock

I've been suffering from stress-related breakouts lately and due to my potent regimen, it left my skin sensitive with slight redness, which are further aggravated when I slather on my usual sunblocks. This led me to search for something with a milder formulation (less alcohol, which makes the skin dry).

Kojie San SPF 50 is available in drugstores and is pretty cheap at Php 269.


-it has Sunactyl, a cocktail of ingredients that repair damaged skin. It definitely is tolerable and the redness of my face was reduced.
-offers adequate protection (just make sure to apply proper amount)
-no weird scent


-suitable for dry skins, as it makes me oily after a few hours. it's touted as oil-free, but it's not matte.
-has a slight white cast
-have to wait for the sunblock to be fully absorbed.

This is a great sunblock but it's better for dry skin.


  1. Great review, the fact that it leaves a white mask is disappointing, I am trying to find a sunscreen that doesn't.


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