Thoughts on M2 Skin Refinish

I've been using this serum for about 3 months now and I think it's time to share my thoughts / do a review on this one.

I've always wanted to try M2 because I have stubborn acne marks that don't quite fade, so I wanted a gentle but potent exfoliant that would take care of my dark spots. Glycolic acid is way too harsh on me so I've given that one up. The combination of mandelic and malic acids sound promising to me. It promises to eliminate skin problems such as acne marks, melasma, open pores, dark spots and the like.

I used this every other night for the first two months. I never noticed any strange feeling at all when I first applied it on my skin. The scent is not that great but pretty tolerable. Texture-wise, it's kind of a thick serum but it's not very greasy on me. After two weeks of usage, I would feel a slight sting whenever I put this on. I started to peel but it's moderate with less redness compared to when I use glycolic acid. Then my scars started to fade. Nothing drastic, but the results were noticeable already after 2 months of usage. The scars softened, and my face became one shade lighter.  Because of the peeling though my skin got a bit dry, so I use moisturizer regularly now.

What I love about this is that it's my instant fix for acne. My breakouts are gone overnight. I wpould spot-treat pimples and they're gone the next day. I would say that I rarely get acne now because of this. I could also get away with tinted moisturizer after using this for about two months.

As with all other products, this has cons too. Sunblock is a must because it makes the skin more sensitive to sunlight. I use at least SPF 130 and I slather it generously all over my face to keep the results. Also, if I use too much, my cheek area would have slight redness. I suggest to use apply this very thinly all over the face or for problem areas only. And up to now I still don't use it every night.

The packaging is quite flimsy as well. I think the nozzle is fragile and the fact that it's all white I have no idea how product is left. Perhaps a more transparent glass bottle will do?

Anyway I could say that M2 Skin Refinish is one of the best serums I tried, it's not a miracle worker overnight but it does its job of gently exfoliating the skin. It evens out the complexion and softens dark spots, keeps pores clean and improves the tone of the skin overall. This requires patience and diligence, as with other serums.  Also, this makes the skin extra sensitive to sunlight so proper sunblock application is a must, Plus only a little amount is needed (you don't have to finish the whole bottle) because it can cause redness if too much is used.


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