Review: Becca Luminous Skin Color

It's my 100th post!

For this feat, I'm going to feature one of my favorite products, the Becca Luminous Skin Color:

The Becca Luminous Skin Color is touted as a tinted moisturizer designed to be used on its own or as primer/step 1 of the Becca Skin Perfecting Makeup System. It evens out the skin tone and preps the skin for foundation application. It is also a moisturizer, with vitamins A, B, D and E and an SPF of 25.

Packaging is a rubberized plastic, with a cap and a pump which makes it very convenient for travel and keeps the product fresh. The pump works really well and I like the fact that the bottle is transparent enough so I can see the shades. Since mostly the shades are sheer, anyone can get away with most of the colors, and you can even select a slightly darker color to get more coverage. In my case, I chose their safest color, Nude, which is suitable for light to medium skintones.

I was fooled by the sheerness of the product, because when I put it on, it worked as a light/sheer foundation for me. It evened out my skintone, covered minor redness and spots and plumped up my pores. I'm not sure if this is due to the tint or the moisturizing factor, but it sure did a great job of making my skin look great. It is so lightweight, it doesn't feel like I have makeup on. It doesn't look like I have makeup on either! It blended well with my skin and did not look like a mask. It looked like my skin, only better. It is also non-greasy, unlike other tinted mositurizers that become oily on me after a few hours. It sort-of dries to a semi-matte finish after a while.  Some people complain that it does not offer coverage, but I beg to disagree. I compared it with another tinted moisturizer/sunblock just to see the difference.

L- L'oreal UV Perfect Tinted Moisturizer, R- Becca Luminous Skin Color

L'Oreal UV Perfect is a tinted moisturizer/sunblock with an SPF of 50, and it offers no coverage at all when blended. It does even out the skintone but it does not cover marks, spots, or redness. Becca, on the other hand, goes on smooth and dries to a semi-matte finish, leaving behind a tint which offers light/sheer coverage:

L- L'oreal UV Perfect Tinted Moisturizer, R- Becca Luminous Skin Color
See the tint on the right? That's the Luminous Skin Color lightly blended. I just love the semi-matte finish on my skin. It doesn't offer heavy coverage, but it lets the skin shine through.

wearing Becca Luminous Skin Color
To wear this alone you need to have good skin, because it does not cover pimples, red spots, dark acne marks or freckles. You need a separate concealer/foundation for that. Currently this is my favorite tinted moisturizer. It does not make me look oily and gives me the right coverage without the heavy feel. It looks natural, dewy and blends well with my skin. I also like the fact that I can layer it with other products if I need heavier coverage. The price is a liitle steep (Php 2950) but for its benefits, it surely is worth it.

Becca is available in Adora, Greenbelt 5 and Marionnaud, SM Mall of Asia.


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