Rave: One Naturales Shea Butter Lip Balm

Two weeks ago, due to extreme heat and temperature changes, I had a bout with blistered lips. They weren't chapped--- they were sore, red, and had little blisters all over which became swollen and painful whenever I ate or drank hot or cold food/drinks. I absolutely hated it. I looked bee-stung, but it was the painful, uncomfortable kind. Worse, my regular lip balms with menthol and SPF did not work, and aggravated my situation more, because my lips would become dry and cracked in the morning, and the menthol only made it more irritated. I couldn't apply lipstick for a week!  I knew I had to hydrate, but at the same time I wanted a lip balm that was more soothing! I had an out of town trip as well so I had an excuse to scour the stores for a lip balm that would, hopefully, heal my lips and take away my discomfort.

I wanted something moisturizing, without the irritating ingredients like menthol or petrolatum, that would make my lips heal.

I found One Naturales Shea Butter Lip Balm in Coco-coconut (it had 4 flavors, but I chose this one):

Take a look at the all-natural ingredients!

As far as I was concerned, it really fits the bill for a soothing, healing and non-irritating lip balm. One swipe and I was hooked. It was sweet and delicious.

I swiped it non-stop because it was so good. It was moisturizing without being sticky. Sure enough, my lips healed after a couple of days of using it. Now it's a staple in my kikay kit. The only downside probably is that it doesn't have SPF, and it comes in a tin, (a tube might be more hygenic), but nevertheless, this a good lip balm especially for those who have really irritated, blistered lips like mine. This is definitely a keeper!


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