Rave: MAC 109

I've waited so long to have this brush, because I wanted to see how well it performed as a liquid foundation brush. Good thing I have a gem of a sister who gave it to me as a gift from overseas, because it's not available locally... and honestly I don't know why Mac doesn't include it in their permanent lineup of brushes.

The Mac 109 is a small contour brush and is meant to be used for powder products. It has a small, compact head which can be used to buff the product in. The hairs feel really soft against my skin and it's not scratchy at all. I hoped I get a brush from a good batch and it did not disappoint. :)

Now, I'm not a bronzer person, but with the small dense brush head I'd say this could be a great contouring brush. But since I don't own any bronzer I've been using it mainly for application of liquid foundation. And I have to say, I was floored and deeply impressed!

I own a couple of foundation brushes including the Mac 187, but this is, hands down, my favorite brush for applying foundation. I buff the foundation in using small circular stokes and it just gives a very even, flawless look. Never mind the small head because it's not really a problem for me and I can even buff the foundation evenly around my nose or undereye area. it just blends everything . Also, even though its made of animal hair, it did not absorb the product that much and I even ended up using less foundation than I used to... it just blends foundation so well. I used a bit of water to help sheer the foundation out and it works everytime.

Lastly, it's so compact it never shed on me. Not once. I heard of some girls who complain that they can't use their 109 for foundation application because it sheds way too much and anyway, it's meant for contouring products only. Thank goodness I never had that problem. So for me this really works as a foundation brush.


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