on Lash Curlers: Shiseido vs. Shu Uemura

My first expensive beauty product would be my Shu Uemura Lash Curler in black nickel---it was a limited edition item and I remembered buying it out of my measly cash bonus. It's been my trusty HG lash curler and I used it for 5 years, even though the silicone pads only last for about 3 months. It's really good and I learned to use it by heart. Unfortunately, I saw some bubbles on the silicone pad and it's been pinching my lids more, and my lashes break  so I thought it's time for my lash curler to retire. I didn't want to risk breaking all my lashes! It's a must for me to buy a new lash curler.

Enter Shiseido Eyelash Curler. This is more expensive (Php 1300) here compared to Shu, but I've learned enough that quality is definitely better than cheap when it comes to lash curlers. The curl lasts longer, and it's better suited to the Asian eye shape.

The difference lies in the curvature --- Shu (left) is definitely more curved, while Shiseido (right) is flatter. I get some pinching with the Shu, but with the flatter shape of Shiseido, I think it suits my eye shape better. It's easy to manipulate and it catches all my lashes.   Bonus---the rubber pad refills are sold separately and I don't have to buy the whole curler out, so it's way more economical.

In terms of performance, both lash curlers  deliver--- they give me an all-day curl. I think Shiseido has a better, flatter shape compared to Shu, which is much suited to my eye shape, and that it's also way more economical because of the refills being sold.


  1. Hi :) xx

    Can you try do the shiseido eyelash curler pad fit to Shu uemura's eyelash curler??

    And how well it goes there? :))

  2. Hi! I haven't tried that yet, but the Shiseido pad is made of rubber, so I suppose it could fit in the Shu lash curler, however the Shu lash curler pad is made of silicone so it's softer and more flexible than the Shiseido pad.


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