Ellana Oil Free Clean it Up Brush Cleaner

After running out of my Parian Spirit  I decided to try the reformulated Ellana Oil-free brush cleaner. I was not so impressed with their old formula as I found it a bit drying for my brushes and it didn't clean that well either. But this is a new formula already so I decided to give it a shot. brush cleaners are a must-have especially now that I have MAC brushes which I practically use everyday, and washing them all in water after every use is such a hassle.

Ellana's Clean It Up Oil Free Brush Cleaner only comes in two sizes - 50 ml and 120 ml.

I was just a bit confused with the "oil free" tag when it actually has tea tree oil or extract... but anyway that's just a minor detail! :D


-it doesn't grease up as much as Parian Spirit, which can leave an oily film, especially if the oil has settled in the bottle.
-has a nice, pleasant, cucumber-melon scent.
-no harmful ingredients
-cleans the brushes well
-makes brushes soft


-doesn't come in bigger sizes
-pump doesn't work that well

The new formula of Ellana's brush cleaner is much better than the old one. It cleans, disinfects and conditions the brushes in one step. The price is reasonable enough compared to high-end brush cleaners and I wish Ellana could sell it in bigger bottles.

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