My Sunblock Arsenal

Now that summer is officially over it does not mean I'm skipping on sunblock! After I ran out of my trusty, matte-finished Armada 45 I opted to seek out other options. Here are my new finds:

Belo Sun Expert SPF 60 and Sunplay SPF 130
I use Belo Sun Expert SPF 60 on my body and Sunplay SPF 130 on my face.

For Belo, here are my thoughts:

- goes on non-greasy initially, then turns into a moisturizing lotion consistency. Not very greasy, but I never tried this on my face because I'm too oily.
- clear finish, unscented
- moisturizes my skin well so no need for a lotion
-I store this in the fridge for the gel-like texture; because if you left it out in room temperature it turns watery.

For the Sunplay Super Block SPF 130:

- very watery, spreads easily
-goes on a bit greasy and takes a minute or two before it is fully absorbed into skin. But overall, it does not make me look oily.
-has a bit of a scent
-leaves a white cast on the skin, but goes away after a few minutes
-SPF 130, are you kidding? I know higher SPF can only do so much but hey, it's touted as the no. 1 sunblock in Japan so that must mean something.
-some said that it contains alcohol, which can be drying, but it's not really an issue for me.
-costs relatively cheap---35 g for only P499, compared to a 30 ml Armada which is much mor expensive.

I'm really liking these two products, though for my body, I'd raher use a spray sunblock because I'm not much of a lotion person... Still the Belo SPF 60 does work because it protects and moisturizes my skin at the same time. As for Sun Play, it's quite handy o tote during travels and I find that it does protect me well from the sun.


  1. I use 130 sunplay on my face and body, but I only use this when I go swim because i find it too heavy I use belo spf 40 for my face daily

  2. Good for you.. I use Sunplay whenever I'm going to stay out in the Sun for too long. I can't use it in airconditioned rooms though because it dries out my skin :)


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