Ecotools Bamboo Bronzer Brush is ♥♥♥

I have a new best friend! ;P

I'm not quite keen on buying brushes as of the moment because I'm currently building my MAC brush collection, but I saw the good reviews online, and my flat top brush has been around forever, and so is my kabuki brush (which I hardly use because it's too scratchy), so I tried out this one.

It's the Ecotools Bamboo Bronzer Brush:

I'm currently loving this brush as of the moment. I use it for powders mainly, though some say this can also work with liquid foundation. I have yet to try that, haha..  It is a huge brush made out of synthetic hairs that really buff the products onto the face and gives a really blended, flawless look. I love it so much!

This brush is super, super soft. I know that synthetic hairs are really softer than animal hairs, so softness not a really big factor for me, because a brush can be soft and yet it doesn't really work. It has to pick up the products and distribute it well. This brush does both. It picks up a lot of product because it is so dense; and applies it evenly on my face. I don't have to use a lot powder on my face to give myself the coverage I need. It's supposed to be a bronzer brush but I don't really use bronzers so I use this for finishing powders and powder foundation. Compared to my Barenaturals flat top kabuki, the synthetic taklon hairs in ecotools is much finer, but densely packed. I don't feel cakey or powdery everytime I use this brush.

The only con that I can think of with this brush is that it takes time to completely dry off when I wash it, probably because of its density. I just air-dry it and it's okay. The hairs retain their shape well.  Even if it's bulky, it's not that heavy, and it has a reusable pouch so it can work for travel.

I cannot vouch for its durability though. So far, my brush doesn't shed, which is a good thing, but I can't really tell. It would take years before I can say that a brush is durable.But anyway, if it breaks down on me, I'd get a backup, because I love it so much! And it's cheaper compared to other high-end brushes (I purchased mine for only Php 550). What's not to love? :)


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