Basic Summer Essentials

It's summer! while I may not be heading to the beach as it is too hot, when temperatures rise, it's best to keep tried-and-tested summer products handy. Here is my basic arsenal just to keep myself fresh and pretty--despite the scorching summer heat!

Sunblock. I think this is the most important part of any skincare regimen, as it blocks out harmful UV rays. For me, it's my last step for skincare and the first step for makeup, as it also acts as primer. I like L'Oreal UV Perfect SPF 50++ and VMV Armada 45. Why two, you ask? L'Oreal UV Perfect has a slight tint, and it moisturizes my skin well and preps my skin for makeup. (I'm mico-peeling right now and I need a good moisturizer). Armada 45, on the other hand, is my everyday staple because it leaves a matte finish and conceals my pores.

Lip Balm. Gotta have SPF on the lips as well! My choice is Nivea Lip Balm Sun Care SPF 30 when I'm going outdoors for a while. It has a pleasant taste, but the downside is that it leaves a whitish cast on lips.

Hair treatment. Heat can be hair's best friend, but it can also be its enemy, as too much sun exposure dries out the hair. I like Kerastase Oleo Relax as my hair serum, for silky straight hair. I use it before blow drying and it also locks moisture.

I'm not a lotion person, but I need the SPF so I slather on Vaseline Healthy White with SPF 24 for fair, even-toned skin. Also, to keep my skin refreshed, I spray on my trusty Evian whenever I feel hot. Also, I like to spritz Dermalogica Hydramist Spray at night, which mositurizes my skin really really well, without the need for heavy creams and other treatments.

Scent. Who wants cloying, heavy gourmand or floral scents for summer? I don't, and I usually like to keep it light and breezy; while more of a spring scent, I like Prada's Infusion D'Iris, a light, powdery sophisticated smell that I can wear anytime of the day.It's a scent that stays close to my skin, very light and soft.


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