Review: Benefit Dandelion

Ahh, Benefit Dandelion. When I bought this, I thought of how I could ever think of delaying or postponing my purchase. I was scared because I didn't want a luminizer that would barely show up on my skin. I only gave in when I felt I was really lemming for it and thought that I absolutely had to try it. And I did.

Inside the box is a delicate swirl of mauves and pinks, plus a cute pink brush to boot. I think this pink will suit cool to warm skintones. It can even lean a little peach-y when paired with the right lipstick or gloss. It also has a light, kind of sweet and a bit floral scent. I have no idea if it does mimic the smell of dandelions (because I never smelled of dandelions before):

Now, the swatch can be a little tricky. You can see that it barely shows up on my skin, and the skin on my arm is lighter than my face. That's why it's called a luminizing powder---it's that kind of pink that brightens up your complexion but doesn't add much color. I read somewhere that it's most flattering to those with light-to-medium skin (NC15-30)but as you can see on my arm swatch, it isn't the case.

On my face, it gives the loveliest, sweetest, most delicate pink glow than I could ever imagine. It's not the heart-racing pink flush, nor the blushing schoolgirl type of cheeks. Just a beautiful pink glow that makes me look awake, refreshed, and young. Think sixteen and pink petals. It gives a glow, all right, a nice sheen that does not look oily or over-the-top. And it lasts all day. This is the kind of blush that makes you look good with the least effort. It's amazing! And I'm just happy that it works for me. This is my HG pink blush. period.

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