Anti-aging regimen: Tri Aktiline and Eyeliplex

I got to try both anti-aging products from goodskin labs just to see if they are worth the hype. Read on to know more about them:

Tri Aktiline is a facial treatment meant for the face which relaxes lines and wrinkles in an instant. It also has long-term benefits. It does what it claims, alright, but I carefully looked at the label and saw that 99% of its ingredients are similar with that of the Mac prep+prime line filler! The latter is meant to be used post-makeup though. But still, if you have the Mac line filler you can go skip this one. Mac has 15ml of product for php 1000, while Tri Aktiline has 30ml for php 2600.. Even if you get twice the amount I still cannot justify the high price tag.

Eyeliplex, on the other hand, is a multitasking product with separate day and night creams meant to target lines, wrinkles, bags, puffiness, and even dark circles. It has a cocktail of peptides and herbal ingredients that address these concerns.

The day gel is refreshing to use and wakes up my eyes instantly. It doesn't help with concealer that much though. I feel there are more moisturizing treatments out there. And you have to wait for 3 minutes before putting on makeup. The night cream, on the other hand, really helps to tone down bags and puffiness. I'm not sure if it helped erase my dark circles though. I do look more refreshed when I wake up in the morning but I still use concealer for my dark circles.

Overall, both products give instant benefits but you have to wait patiently or use both religiously if you want long-term results. As for me, I decided to keep Eyeliplex because it's a decent eye cream but I had to give my Tri Aktiline away because i'm pretty satisfied with the Mac prep+prime line filler.

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