Quick Review: Mac Prep+Prime Line Filler

The Mac prep+prime line filler (Php 1000) is designed to instantly blur fine lines and wrinkles. It has been a huge skin saver for me. I was having problems with cakey concealer especially on my under eye area; I figured that the area is drier than usual, no matter how much eye cream I put on. it must be due to the colder weather. Anyway, I use this miracle product and my eye area has never looked better!

What's not to love about this, when the 15 mL tube is chock-full of anti-aging ingredients? Mac says that it can even reduce fine lines with long-term use.

it's not meant to be an eye treatment, mind you. That's why some are having problems with it. It's designed to be used after foundation and/or concealer. And you need just a teeny tiny amount; more product will not only go to waste, but will cake on the area more!I just pat on the tiny amount on fine lines and I just watch them disappear. This is definitely one of my favorite products!


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