Quick Review: Herbench Cosmetics Sharpener

Happy Friday! Just want to post a quick review on this beauty find of mine, the Herbench Cosmetic Sharpener:

I think I've wasted quite a number of eyeliners by using ordinary pencil sharpeners I bought from a bookstore. For a while I wasn't convinced that I needed a sharpener made for cosmetics, but time came when I hated they way my eyeliners look, and to think they're pricey too! So I finally bought myself a cosmetics sharpener from Herbench. I don't know if they're still making it or it's being discontinued already as I don't think Herbench is focusing much on their makeup line.

But anyway, it's a sturdy, nice sharpener made in Germany, and the first time I tried it on my Urban Decay liner, it was sharpened and shaped perfectly! It has 2 heard for small or big liners, and comes with detachable heads, which conforms to the shape of the liner.

 I also love that it has a mini-cleaning stick to take out product residue on the blades. Now I can be sure that my liners are perfectly sharpened and that I won't have to purchase a more expensive cosmetic sharpener from other high-end brands. :)

Herbench cosmetics sharpener retails for Php 119.00.


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