My Favorite Things: MAC Plush Lash Mascara

To kick-start the New Year I will be featuring my favorite beauty products that I have tried, tested, and tried over and over again (hehe) and basically, these babies are now my everyday staple.

First on the list is MAC Plush lash mascara:

I really wonder how I ever got along without it. This is my favorite mascara because it gives me gorgeous lashes. I've been using a lash treatment since last month, but this mascara just makes my lashes look better and more dramatic.

The brush is HUGE, which is a bit bothersome for others but not for me. I like to sweep my lashes with the flat side first to make them look longer and intensify the curl; next I use the part with fat bristles to add volume. This does it all---it holds the curl, lengthens, separates, and volumizes my lashes. Absolute love!

One to two coats is enough for me. It lasts the whole day on my lashes. After three or four coats it may clump a bit, but a lash brush can fix that. I understand that it may not work for really thin or sparse Asian lashes, but I'm just so glad they worked on me. Also, the price is great, not too expensive (around Php 780), and I've seen drugstore mascaras costing as much. I don't think I'll be replacing this one anytime soon, though!


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