Brush Care 101

  • Wash your brushes once or twice a week, depending on usage. Personally I wash them once a week only, because I use a brush cleanser in between use anyway. But for foundation brushes, I wash them every day. Creams or liquids attract more bacteria than powder so it is a must for me to wash my foundation brushes after every use. 
  • Use a mild baby shampoo or moisturizing shampoo to cleanse and condition the brush hairs at the same time. Take care not to let water past the ferrule while washing. Just gently swish the brush on the palm with the baby shampoo and rinse well. I use a mild moisturizing shampoo just to keep the hairs soft and in top shape, without using a separate conditioner for my brushes. I'm sort-of wary in using conditioner for my brushes, as I have acne prone and oily skin and it might leave off some residue which could cause me to break out. How do I know it's a mild shampoo formulation? I usually look for essential oils and other organic ingredients. Natural formula  is always best.

  • Invest in brush care items such as the brush guard which really helps to maintain the natural shape of    the brushes. It's easier for them to dry too, after washing, blot excess water, shape the hairs, slip on the brush guard and dry them upside down, in a cup, or just lay them flat.

  • In between usage, use a brush cleaner. I personally use Parian Spirit and I find that it cleans my brushes really well. I either pour the cleaner onto a cup and dip the brushes, or I use a spray and then wipe the brushes on a clean soft cloth or paper towel. This cleanser has anti-bacterial properties so it works really well and I don't have to buy a stronger rinse-off cleanser for my brushes. It is very important to invest in multi-tasking brush cleansers that clean and disinfect brushes at the same time to ensure that the brushes do not harbor dirt and bacteria which can cause skin problems such as acne,. resness, irritations, etc.
  • When not in use, put them in a brush case, but when you're constantly using them, like I do, just put them in a brush container or holder.


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