Brush Love: the MAC 239

I've slowly started to invest in high-end brushes. Beauty afficionados recommend to start slowly building a brush collection which will give professional results and will last a lifetime. Frankly, I think it's the wisest move I made when it comes to makeup application. Luckily, for makeup newbies out there there are a lot of choices now for affordable and quality makeup brushes. I suggest that for starters, it may be more economical to buy these brush sets before moving on to the advanced, and more expensive makeup brushes, just to get a feel of how to use them to apply makeup properly.

if I have the moolah to spare, I'd buy the handmade brushes made in Kumano brush district in Japan. The Japanese have perfected the art and technique of making brushes, for calligraphy and also, makeup. Shu Uemura also boasts of high quality, handmade makeup brushes, but they're so expensive, I can't really afford them right now. So what's the next best thing to do? Head on to the brand that most beauty lovers and makeup artists recommend: MAC cosmetics!

The first brush I ever bought from MAC was the 239 eye shader brush:

It is a multipurpose brush; the brush head is just right; making it easy to maneuver the brush all over the lid. The hairs are soft, and I use it for packing on pigment, blending eyeshadows, and even putting color on my crease. The way it holds color is amazing; eyeshadows come out vibrant and they all blend smoothly.

see the colorless nailpolish coating? I really made sure to do this as I didn't want the label to fade, hehe.
Presonally I don't have any issues with the white brush hairs at all; I just make sure to clean it up after every use with the professional makeup brush cleaner (such as Parian Spirit), and the hairs stay in their original color, with no stain at all. 

Overall I could use just this one brush for my eye makeup and get great, professional results. I strongly suggest that if you're venturing into high-end brushes for the first time, this should be the first brush you should buy.

MAC 239 is available at MAC stores for Php 1550.


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