Instant Brighteners

Hello this gloomy, stormy weather! When the clouds gather and cover the skies we sure need a boost to brighten up our day. For some it may be cuddling with someone you love, or curling up in a comforter with a book, or sipping your favorite cup of hot tea or chocolate. But for some (like me), I turn to some great beauty products in my stash! Say bye bye to dull, lackluster skin, and make sure you glow even if the weather outside is moody:

1. Use brightening lip gloss. a brightening lip gloss instantly brightens up your smile. It's usually blue-based, but don't be afraid of the shade as it doesn't really turn blue on your lips, rather, it just brightens up your look. I like Benefit's California Kissin' lip gloss or Avon's Pink Magic Lip Balm.

2.Whiter teeth. You know how expensive teeth whitening/bleaching treatments are, while some whitening toothpastes are a bit abrasive on the gums and take time to show results. Luckily, Closeup came up with White Now, a toothpaste with a unique blue foam that instantly whitens teeth with light reflection. It truly works!

3.Bright face. Take a break from harsh scrubs if you have oily skin like me. But what to do when skin gets dull with rough patches and dark spots? Avon Naturals has a Whitening Papaya Cleanser that has papaya extract which gently exfoliates the skin, making it lighter and smoother. Don't worry about drying out though--it also has avocado extract which has natural skin-conditioning properties.

4. Smooth, even-toned skin. Papaya soaps do a wonderful job of exfoliating and evening out the skin tone but they can be drying. This is not the case with Palmolive Naturals White+Protect, which has active derma whiteners and moisturizers. It's perfect to use if you want brighter, radiant skin even with the cold weather.


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