Review: Belo Essentials Sun Expert Sunblock for Face spf 40 PA +++

Hi there everyone! here's my review on another staple in every girl's vanity closet---sunblock! we all know how important this is as it is the first and probably most crucial step in anti-aging.

Anyway ever since I ran out of my Armada I knew I wanted to try other brands. I came across the Sun Expert sunblock from Belo Essentials and I decided to try it out:

The Belo Essentials Sun Expert has variants for both the face and body. It's spf 40 for the face and spf 60 for the body. (I wonder why they scrimped the spf for the face, it would have been much better if it's 60 for both--- the face is much more prone to sun exposure). Both have broad spectrum protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

I tried the spf 40 and the first thing I noticed is that it's unscented. It's also water-based but it's not runny at all (check out the pic):

It is very light and easy to apply. I've tried a lot of sunblocks and they turn me into a greaseball in just minutes after application. This one didn't: it spreads evenly on the face and the texture is very light.

It just disappears into skin!

It also moisturizes really well. This is a great makeup base. It's non-greasy and it absorbs well. It's not opaque though, and it doesn't leave a white cast on skin. This kind of formula sure helps when you want invisible protection.

All in all, Belo Sun Expert offers a great sunblock which I use everyday. It's affordable and offers great protection. You have to re-apply though if you're outdoors or if you're excessively sweating or under water. I think Belo did a great job of offering affordable and complete sun protection to the mass market.

Belo Essentials line is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide.


  1. i wanna try this! good to know its not oily at all.. thanks for the review!


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