Battle of the Oil Blotters

If there's one thing I'd like to hoard, it's oil control film/facial blotters. They're a staple for every girl with perpetually oily skin. I have oily skin since high school and though skincare products do help (powders, mattifiers, primers etc), they can be expensive or sometimes I run out of them, and these blotters do come in handy; they're easy to carry and very chic!

As much as the title suggests I don't really want to pit these products against each other (hehe), but this post can serve as a guide in choosing the right product for you:

First one is the Clean and Clear Oil Control Film:

This pretty much started it all for me. I remember when this was first introduced in the market, a salesgirl handed me a film to sample on my face. I wiped my greasy forehead with it and saw the icky oil on the blue sheet! I was impressed. I found this a bit expensive at that time but I do buy this whenever I can. It costs 100+ pesos in supermarkets and beauty stores. Up to now it's still the leading brand when it comes to oil control blotters.


- silky and does not tug at the face
- unscented (does not cause allergy)
- convenient and easy to carry
- 1 pack contains 10 additional sheets
- removes excess oil well

It can be messy though as the oil shows through the sheet, so be sure to wipe your face discreetly (unless you want someone to see how much greasy your face is). And as for me, my oil glands are not as active as before so I'm now having a hard time in getting the excess oil out with this one; I have to "wipe" more instead of "blot" my face. So I guess this brand is more suitable for the overly oily-skinned girls.

Next is Kleenex Facial Oil Blotters:

This one is a bit cheaper (only 86 pesos in Landmark the last time I checked), this is made from a different material than the traditional oil-control films available in the market. And trust Kleenex to make it cute with the floral design :)


- very soft and comfortable to use
- absorbs oil in just a few blots
- convenient and easy to carry
- unscented and does not cause allergies
- cute floral prints at the back makes it discreet to use
- spun-bond material will not get oil in fingers

I'm really loving this one right now and I'm glad that Landmark carries this brand (I understand it's also available in Watson's and Rustans supermarkets). It absorbs the deep-seated oil in my face while keeping my makeup intact. Perfect!

I know there are still other brands out there but I've been satisfied with these two products. With a lot of options to choose from, you can surely find your HG oil blotter! :)


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