Review: Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit

I wandering around Rustan's in Shangri-la and I spotted these Laura Mercier face kits (including the original, oil-free, and mineral makeup variants) and I thought, "wow!" I thought they were only sold in Sephora, but then, they may have been around for quite some time now here and I'm just too happy to see them in the counter. I haven't tried LM before and I thought the kits were just the perfect treat to try all her best-selling products at once.

After a week, I bought one myself!

I bought the LM Flawless Face Kit Oil-free variant because of my really oily skin. I bought the kit in Sand because the makeup artist thought that the Nude kit was too light for my skintone:

Inside, you'll find this fuss-free, clear makeup kit that's just perfect for travel! It houses all the products and it's made of plastic and it has a nice sturdy zipper. There's also a leaflet with the instructions on how to create LM's trademark flawless face. And here are the products:

1. Oil-free foundation primer (Step 1) - a lightweight, cream-gel that claims to help makeup stay put. The makeup artist told me to put this in the fridge before using for that refreshing and cooling feeling. It's non-greasy and easy to apply. Personally I think it did help in making my makeup last longer (I put the most generic/cheap blush on and it stayed put until I took it off). But it does not have oil-controlling properties and it does not minimize pores.

2. Tinted moisturizer (Step 2)- I got this in Sand which is a bit darker on me (no problem, I just mix it up with a lighter tinted moisturizer to get my perfect shade). And though it is oil-free, I find that it still moisturizes my skin well. Coverage is great, it covers minor dark spots and other imperfections. I find that I can really use this everyday because it is not heavy at all. And it did not make me break out. However this may be suited for colder weather because it makes my skin oily after 2-3 hours.

3. Undercover Pot in UC-3 (Steps 3 and 4). This is fast becoming a favorite of mine! It has three of LM's best-sellers in a cute little travel-friendly pot---the secret camouflage (for blemishes, redness and other imperfections), secret concealer (undereye circles), and loose setting powder. UC-3 is for light to medium skin, and is my perfect match. The secret camouflage disappears into my skin, covering my blemishes, and the secret concealer is a very creamy formula which spreads easily and camouflages my dark circles. The shade is really close to my Skinfood salmon concealer no. 2. The loose setting powder is a translucent powder that sets all the makeup, without adding color. At first, the 4-gram pot maybe little, but really, only a tiny amount is needed to set the whole face. Everything just blends well! Just to add, I find that the secret camouflage is easy to work with despite its hard texture--which I don't find "hard" at all---a little goes a long way to cover everything. It even covered the scar on my forehead!

4. Secret Camouflage Brush. This one is just love, love love! I think I bought the kit just to get these professional brushes. This brush is made of synthetic hairs that expertly applies all her products to target areas--on blemishes, under the eyes, sides of the nose, tiny scars or shadows, you name it! This brush covers them all. If you're the type who puts concealer on everytime then this brush would be indispensable. And it's pretty expensive too if you get it by itself. I'm glad it came with this kit!

5. Camouflage Powder Brush. Another true winner, I use this to apply loose setting powder on target areas, especially under the eyes. It distributes the powder evenly and the hairs are very soft. May I add that both brushes do not shed? Just perfect.

6. Egg-shaped Sponge. This was designed to be used on LM's foundations and tinted moisturizers. Personally, I'm contented with applying all the products with my fingers, so I have yet to test this. But I'd probably try this some other time.

7. Velour Puff. I thought this was a useless product until I read in their website that if I wanted more oil-control, I should use this in place of a brush to apply the loose setting powder. And it did work. It's not messy at all because I only needed a little amount of powder and the puff distributes it evenly on my face via the "press-and-roll" motion. It's really easy to do! I don't use a powder brush anymore, just this one. And it's very very soft and washable!

All in all, I think it's the best bargain a girl could have. It's a staple in my morning routine and it gives a flawless face without looking like a mask. Imagine two brushes and a full-sized concealer (the Undercover Pot alone retails for US$34!) plus two generous samples of their primer and tinted moisturizer (30ml each), a sponge, puff, all in a reusable makeup kit, you're just ready to go! The oil-free flawless face kit retails for Php 2950, and it's such a steal! Aside from that they also have the Mineral Flawless Face Kit which is sold for Php2250 and has a full-sized Blending Brush instead of the Camouflage Powder brush.


  1. wow this kit is definitely a steal! i prefer using a velour puff too in applying loose powder, it gives more coverage compared to brushes..

  2. 果然很有意思呀....這當然要頂一頂呀.................................................................


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