Skin and Hair Saver

I recently been to Ilocos and I bought all my kikay kit with me. Aside from my secret weapon (the Skinfood concealer), here are my other fab finds which helped me look my best in all those photoshoots we had!

At 135 pesos, Myra Vita-Glow is such a bargain find. I love that it is tinted so I could really skip my mineral makeup (and the hassle of bringing messy powders during travel!) Too bad it only comes in one shade, which is more suited to fair skin tones. It is oil free and contains minerals and considerable spf (I still use my regular sunblock though). It also has very fine shimmer when you layer it lightly, but is unnoticeable when you layer the product. It leaves a whitish cast with the titanium dioxide content, but it would disappear quickly and blend with the skin. This gave me a very nice glow in photos, like I had perfect skin. It really hides acne scars and minor blemishes. Truly a winner!

I don't really like to layer products on my hair because they make my locks limp, and I'm not a big fan of conditioner either because I usually limit my shower time to five minutes or less! But after constant blowdrying, I decided to try Pantene Night Miracle Hair Treatment. So this one sounded promising... It didn't leave any residue on my pillow and so I did not break out while using this product. And when I washed my hair the next day, it gave me bouncier, shinier locks. I'm a big fan of Pantene because their pro-vitamin formula really makes my hair healthier. this product did not disappoint, as with all Pantene products.. it's non-greasy compared to other leave-on treatments I've tried. And the results are long-lasting. I washed my hair three times already and it looked like I conditioned my hair everyday. Great scent too! For normal hair I would recommend this treatment once or twice a week, but for damaged hair, this could be used everyday, day or night!


  1. yup, ok sya, one shade nga lang, but if you're fair, no problem. :)


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