Review: Cutex Mighty Nail Strengthener

I tend to bite my fingernails when I was a kid. I stopped when I was in college. Now, with mounting pressures at work and stress, I found myself getting into my old habit again...My nails became shorter and I couldn't even try on nail polish, for fear of ruining my nails permanently. I wanted my original long nails back, so I looked for a product that could help me cut my nail-biting habits:

Good thing there's Cutex! I opted for the Mighty Nail Strengthener. They also have the Nail Bite Solution but I thought my nails could benefit with the extra care.

The Mighty Nail Strengthener is a colorless polish that claims to repair and strengthen weak, brittle nails. Though my nails don't really chip, they're short and a bit soft. I immediately road-tested the product. Initial application is two coats and I add a single coat every other day. The formula could also be used as a base coat.

After using it for two weeks, my nails are harder and are growing at a much faster rate. The added gloss also made it look more pink and healthy. It's nice to see my nails grow again, and the best thing is I stopped biting them. :) Now I can't wait to paint them with my fave nail polish!


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