Rave: Basement Salon Shang

When I started having a bad hair day for about a week, I knew I had to go to a salon. My previous stylist told me I should have a haircut every 6 weeks to maintain my bob cut but I guess I have been too busy. And so I ran to the nearest salon to "save" my hair. It has gone shoulder-length, with lots of "tikwas" that my regular shampoo and blow-dry couldn't handle. It was that bad. I didn't want to go to my previous salon because I liked to experiment and try other stylists.

So finally, after much thought, I decided to try Basement Salon in Shangril-la Mall. Prices were pretty reasonable (ranged from 400-1200) so I decided to try the mid-range rate, which is at 600...My stylist was Benjo, I think.. Before the haircut, he assessed my hair, its previous cut, texture, how wavy it was, etc...He asked if my hair was rebonded and I said I had my hair relaxed around 8 months ago... He said that was the reason why my hair hand wispy strands all over the place, as the relaxed strands didn't match my natural hair growth anymore. I also told him I wanted a wash-and-wear type of bob which can compliment my face shape. And so he got to work.

I loved the shampoo and conditioner combo they used because it really made my hair soft. He snipped and snipped, and afterwards he asked his assistant to blow-dry it... I was amazed at his cut! my hair behaved like it were commercial-worthy, and he wasn't even done yet! he said I had great hair, so I shouldn't straighten it anymore. He layered the cut just right, with just enough volume at the top. The cut was perfect. It made my face look slimmer and frankly, I liked it more than my previous haircut with a different salon.

Now, the verdict will be whether the cut would hold its shape after the salon blow-dry effect has worn off... and surprisingly, it did! The cut was the same after a few days. no dried-out strands or stringy hair out of place. And I was just drying it the natural way, with no additional hair products whatsoever.

Up to now I'm still loving my hair and I've been getting a lot of compliments. Basement Salon has truly won me over. I guess I'll be coming back there after all. :)

Basement Salon, Carpark Bldg., Shangrila Mall, EDSA. Call 09285009921.


  1. Wow! :) Congratulations! My hair's awfully dry this season. The culprit must be the sun, the sand, and the sea. Heeeee. :) Have a great day!


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