Mini-Haul Review

Take a look at my mini-haul which I've road-tested for the past few weeks:

First, from the Face Shop (both images taken from here) :

It's the Brightening Rice Water Cleansing Oil, which basically so light and a little water will emulsify the product and turn it into a cleansing oil. It does a very good job of removing all my makeup including mascara, and it's mineral-oil free, which is a good plus as well. It also has rice bran and moringa oil which are both good for the skin. A little product goes a long way. I haven't noticed any brightening so far but I will keep on using it!


Face Shop's Greatist Mascara in Volume and Lash. Finally, I decided to purchase a mascara, only because I loved its lengthening and volumizing powers when I tested it in the store. It has soft Volume Up polymers and botanical Volume Up powders that thicken and lengthen my lashes, without any clumping. I road-tested this over and over again during the hot summer weather and it's resistant to sweat and absolutely long-lasting. It does not give me raccoon eyes even after office hours. What's more, it does not weigh the curl down.


I recently bought Avon's Ultra Color Rich Mousse Lipstick in Nude Glow and I must say that I love it more than the Glazewear Lip Color they previously released...It's super moisturizing which probably explained why it became moist in the hot weather so I had to put in the fridge.. The color is nude glow and it's a nice nude rose shade which enhanced the natural pigment of my lips. I wear this to work everyday and I don't get tired of it!

See the swatches:

With flash:

and without flash in natural light:


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