My Current Beauty Arsenal

My recent Davao trip left me with breakouts due to too much sun exposure, so I upgraded my regimen with a few staples:

my staple sunblock (which I've been using since college):

I've raved about this product many times so I don't need to repeat myself. Needless to say, I switched again to this one to protect my skin. Bonus: it also cleared up my acne marks.

For blemishes I needed to cover, here's what I found:

Clinele's blemish stick works, and the pencil-type applicator is such a breeze to tote! the concealer itself is creamy and the tint will match most skintones. I can just retouch any time of the day.

Say hello to Avon's Anew Rejuvenate line:

The Flash Facial Concentrate is a must-have! It works fast, is non-greasy and just brings results in one week! My skin definitely got complements when I road-tested it, because it made my skin look well-rested. By the end of the week the fine lines on my forehead are gone!

The night cream, on the other hand, is richer in texture so I only limit its use on my forehead and areas of my face which are not prone to breakouts. Basically I'm looking for a night moisturizer which will nourish my skin while sleeping, and this is it. It works in tandem with the serum so I do notice significant improvements on my face. Girls with drier skins will definitely benefit from its moisturizing properties.


  1. sarge here now sarge sees yar like the motion picture 'El Topo" yet sarge finds yar blog is nuthin but a giant makeup advert...what the hell girl thars more to life than smearing cosmetic on yar face an then lookin in the mirror

  2. thanks for your comment... I happen to like El Topo and blogging about beauty and skincare...don't judge this blog as this is just one of my hobbies/'s simply a part of my personality and it doesn't mean it's all I do.

    If you're looking for more 'depth' of writing then this isn't the blog you're looking for.


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