Whitening Regimen

I'm in a major whitening mode these days as my face has several acne scars that I need to eradicate.

First, I start of with a whitening cleanser from Avon's Refined White Line:

This one's creamy, milky and packs just the right amount of moisture without feeling greasy. A little amount is all I need and it cleans up my face without the residue and greasy feel.

I follow it up with the toner and AM cream:
The Refined White Toner is also great. It sweeps out the remaining dirt and other residue and leaves my face soft and squeaky clean. The cream has a rich formula, so I just put a little amount because I have oily skin. I noticed that it really does give me a glow although the whitening effect isn't that drastic when it comes to my dark spots. Still, it evens out my skintone day after day.


I remember trying out the Flawless White Serum in a tube and it didn't work for me. It's been a while since I had the urge to try the line again and I'm so glad I did. The prices are marked down, and I bought the Flawless White Pack (which has the full-sized re-brightening night treatment and a 10g sample of the visible lightening treatment cream) for 249 pesos and the Flawless White Sunblock pack (which has 2 full-sized spf 30 sunblocks) for only 199. Amazing, isn't it?

The souffle-like texture of the day cream gives me a matte finish which is a major staple for me. And it brightens my skin in an instant! Trust Pond's for that really nice, non-greasy texture. The sunblock is non-oily as well, and makes my skin soft. In fact, I think it's the only sunblock that I tried which has that "soft' texture.

The re-brightening night cream is huge, with over 50g of product. It's light and has this very nice scent (as with all the flawless white range) but I limit its use on my forehead because it has mineral oil, which is a no-no for me as it can probably clog my pores. I use it as a body cream, though, focusing on my elbows and knees. I figure I could use all of the product after all!

Other products: Maxipeel Exfoliant Cream in No. 3 unclogs my pores and fades away the spots faster with its mild peeling effect. I just pile on the sunblock in the morning. Also, Defensil soap for bad breakouts works really good, it's tough on acne but very mild on skin.


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